Sunday, January 15, 2006

How do you balance raising your child(ren) and having a full-time career?
I think that setting realistic goals are key to finding a balance in the work-life issue. I think making sacrifices and compromises are vital early in the initial stages of parenthood and the ability to make adjustments for your children are important. It is imperative that you choose a career or job that will allow you flexibility in raising your child or children while maintaining employment sufficient enough to live a comfortable lifestyle financially.


Blogger Gardenia Moore said...

I agree, parenthood is diffiently about sacrifice and compromise. It is vitaly important to strike a balance between your children and your career or job, realizing your children are top priority so looking for a career that would allow you to be flexable and allow financial stability would be wise

9:56 AM PST  
Blogger Lynnea Moore said...

How do you know where the balance is? If your a single parent, how can you achieve financial stability without working many hours or working at all?

3:14 PM PST  
Blogger Lynnea Moore said...

I seriously thought about my goals for a career and I gave myself a few years to get it done. First was school because I knew my options and pay would be low if I didn't have an education. Next, I took the most aggressive road, I went to school full-time and tried to finish as quick as I could. I went to classes during the day and when my child was a newborn my family helped me by taking care of her. When she was older enough I put her in the nursery school at my college. It is vital to find a school that will provide you with resources. A degree is so vital to single parents because the faster you get through the more time you will get to spend with your children as they get older and start school.

4:01 PM PST  
Blogger Lynnea Moore said...

What is your greatest strength as a single parent?

4:29 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My greatest strength as a single parent is knowing that the hours I put in 1/2 the year (60 hours per week 4-6 months, I'm a contractor) will benefit my son. Being a single mother is quite possibly the greatest blessing in the world. I am able to give all my love to him, and vise versa until he decides otherwise. Although I work many hours through part of the year, the other half of the year is spent enjoying every waking minute with him and his activities. What a joy to be a single mom!

9:14 AM PDT  

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