Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What are some of the joys of single parenthood? What are some positive things about it? (Have fun with this question)


Blogger Lynnea Moore said...

Some of my joys of single parenthood are: no nagging, never help me with nothing, uncooperative mate in the household to get in the way. I am able to make my own decisions, cook when I want to, raise my daughter with my morals and beliefs, spend my money without his input, let my daughter eat icecream for breakfast, have dress up time without getting embarassed, and me and my daughter comfortably lounging around the house with undershirt and underwear. My house is a girly house: the seat in the bathroom is always down, lots of pink things everywhere, closets filled with our clothes only! Do i rally want to trade that in for an additional paycheck and a headache? I don't think so

4:07 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it, I love waking up every morning to my daughters smiling face and not having to share her.
Unfortunately when her dad visits its all about him and she seems to forget who mommy is LOL. Thats ok I get her all the time to myself.
Since she is so small I don't have to cook a 3 course meal we can eat some thing small. All I have to worry about is her and I, no one else to complain or give me drama.
I take my daughter at least once a month out to eat and we ususally try to do something fun every weekend and its about her and I spending our quality time together.

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